[EVENT] Season of Love

It's the season of love! Have a special someone? Want to profess your love? Show it by writing cheesy, romantic lyrics for our lovey dovey, Valentine's Day event! (We'll accept ooey gooey cheesy poems too :) )

But first, please keep these things in mind:

Entry Requirements:

Your poem
  • Must contain at least 2 elements of poety, i.e. rhyme, meter, stanzas, etc
  • Must be at least three lines and at least 17 words
Your lyrics
  • Must contain at least 1 chorus (4 or more lines, 20 or more words)
  • Must contain at least 2 different verses (5 or more lines, 30 or more words)
Your entry will be disqualified if:
  • It is comprised of random words strung together (no sense can be made when read together, either literally or metaphorically)
  • Is plagiarized (must be your original work)
  • Is submitted after the event end date

Please read the terms in the link below. By entering the event, you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately on your first entry.

Terms & Conditions: http://www.glu.com/contest/seasonoflove

We're looking forward to everyone's entries!!
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  • jcoopKPjcoopKP Posts: 1Member
    My poem
  • MartiMarti Posts: 19Member
    "Your Forum Entry (or Mail Entry) will be disqualified if: [...] (c) you live outside of the United States."

    Oh please, not again... :'(
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  • RoyaleRoyale Posts: 6Member
    Ooh, I love poems! ^.^ Here's my entry!

    The Chance of Love

    Her eyes were smiling and bright,
    Carried across the room, her laugh.
    To him she simply lit up his night,
    Prettier than any photograph.

    He joked and grinned with life,
    Living and laughing and loving.
    She saw that he carried no strife,
    Only pure love and was he blushing?

    Those eyes that turned to his,
    She looks around for she senses him near.
    His heart pounds like there’s a sudden pop quiz,
    Brave he goes to her with great cheer.

    Approaching she blushes just as he had,
    Taking his hand they begin to dance.
    Both so free and doting and glad,
    She looks to him with a caring glance.

    In each other’s arms they embrace and kissed,
    To think this chance that they may have missed.
  • indigogypsyroseindigogypsyrose Posts: 1Member
    Here is my little love poem doodle entry!!

    Her love was hers to give
    Her heart hammered in her chest
    Without him she would not live

    It was a cold February day
    She stood alone in the rain
    Wondering if he would say okay

    Their eyes met for the 100th time
    She poured out her heart and soul
    And asked "will you be mine?"

    Now they look back and smile
    As many years have passed
    But they still feel those butterflies once in a while